People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.


Ever since he learned to talk, Carter has made some of the most interesting observations about the world and found fabulous ways to describe them. Our favorite is something he said when he was 3. He talked about the “blue dark”, which he said was different from “black dark”. Blue dark is, of course, twilight, and black dark is the full dark. That has stuck in our family language and is likely here to stay.

This morning, he was describing the feeling of going to sleep early this morning after he woke suddenly. This is not an unusual conversation; a kid with insomnia frequently needs to talk about sleep and waking. He told me that he “sank to sleep”, which he said was funny because usually he just falls asleep. I instantly knew exactly what he meant and that he’d tumbled on another perfect descriptor.

Perhaps he will be a poet?

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2 comments to Carterisms…

  • He sounds very creative and intelligent. I just read your piece in Brain Child mag and wanted to thank you sincerely for telling the truth about mothering and sharing your family’s story. It was good medicine to read it, even though I have not been through the difficulty you have. My 21 month old son didn’t sleep for more than 45 minutes EVER for nearly the first year of his life. I had to relearn how to sleep and function and I nearly lost my mind. And boy did people want to blame me for his sleep problems.

  • i just read your piece in brain, child and wanted to say how much i liked it. we have a child with special needs and it’s so tough to try and talk to other friends about how different life can feel in our family….. thanks for writing and sharing it.

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