People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

Delurking Day

Heh. Delurking Day. Never heard of it, but it sounds dirty. I’m in!

OTOH, I’ve probably never heard of it because I don’t lurk. I’m a chatty sort. If you need someplace to delurk yourself, you’re welcome to do it here. It almost doesn’t count, being such a tiny blog, but we all have to start somewhere, right?
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6 comments to Delurking Day

  • Yikes! Such commitment is implied in delurking. Not sure if I’m up to that.

    I love your blog, by the way!

  • that’s funny – i’m not generally a lurker either. just have always felt the need to make myself known.

  • Anonymous


    Truly enjoy your blog!


  • Anonymous

    Just read your vivid and compelling essay in Brain, Child and came here to thank you for telling your story. Opening yourself up in print takes one kind of courage, but to blog and allow completely random people to weigh in on your struggles? That takes courage to a whole new level!

    I understand the impulse to lay some of the blame for Carter’s troubles on some parenting technique – oh, would it be so easy to solve all our parenting problems! I fight against the messiness of life; I hate that muddling through is the only answer sometimes, that we don’t get to tie up our problems at the end of an episode before starting the next.

    I’m amazed that while you parent your four kids you find time for a blog and writing and all the mess that comes with making your life so public – it’s inspiring to see someone muddling so well 😉

    Becky from Austin

  • Anonymous

    Hi –

    I just read your article in Brain, Child, last night, and want to thank you for your honesty. I also have a son who I love desperately, but it is hard to be his mother. He is six years old. I worry all the time; his life must be so hard, because how can I expect anyone else to like him if most of the time I don’t even like him? He is in the process of undergoing a psych evaluation, and I’m pretty sure he’ll end up with a bipolar diagnosis, but it’s really hard, because so often we get responses from people along the lines of, there’s nothing wrong with that child that stricter parenting wouldn’t solve, or they just flat don’t believe me when I try to explain the horror and violence that goes on in our house. I’ve spent the last hour reading through your blog and take so much comfort in it. So thank you.


  • hi! i found your blog through MDC and i am a mama to 6 month old edie. i’m a second year medical student so i read the special needs posts all the time because i’m a parent before i’ll be a doctor (i want to go into peds) and i love hearing things from the parent’s point of view. feel free to check out my blog:

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