People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

This is not Adrienne.

Remember when you took Art History 101 and they threw this slide up on the wall? The professor (or more likely some bonehead grad student with a seriously over-inflated sense of self-importance) said, “The French words on this painting by RenĂ© Magritte say ‘This is not a pipe.’ What did he mean by . . . → Read More: This is not Adrienne.

Repetitious Redundancies

This business of writing about not-so-serious things is growing on me. I think I’ll try to stretch it out a little longer before we return to our regularly scheduled program. Because really? The chaos storm is ever raging and it’s nice to write about something else for a change.

Let’s turn our attention to . . . → Read More: Repetitious Redundancies


Carter and I have all kinds of jokes about pretty (probably because it was his first word: pwee), but my favorite is this: we never say that something is pretty. We say, instead, that a thing has lots of prettiness.

And whaddya know? My blog has prettiness now! Isn’t my new header gorgeous? Lauren . . . → Read More: Prettiness!

We are the people with whom you are trying so hard to keep up…

That’s right. We’re the Joneses. If you’re trying to keep up with us? Aim higher.

I think there are two ways that people start personal blogs like this one. The first one is, a person makes a plan, chooses a topic, sets it up, makes it pretty, gets it all in place, and launches . . . → Read More: We are the people with whom you are trying so hard to keep up…

The truth IS going to set you free.

Yes, the truth will heal us all, just as soon as its done stomping all over our spilled guts.

When I got an email message from Dodai Stewart at Jezebel asking to republish The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me, I was over the moon. Like millions of small-time writers the world over, I dream . . . → Read More: The truth IS going to set you free.

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