People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

We all need to keep our money somewhere…

When Carter was in pre-school, I loved it when the older kids had in-service days but Carter still went to school. It was (and still is) so nice to be with Jacob, Abbie, and Spencer without Carter constantly pulling at my attention!

The day in question was during Carter’s first year of pre-school so he was three, which would make Abbie 8 or 9. She rode along with me when I dropped Carter off and as we were leaving, I realized Carter’s pockets were jingling.

“Hey Carter, what’s in your pockets?” I asked. Of course, I knew damn well what was in his pockets, but I have that weird parental compulsion to ask questions to which I already know the answer.

“It’s all my moneys. I don’t have anywhere to keep them and if I don’t put the in my pockets I’ll lose them!” he said, bottom lip quivering and one hand planted firmly over each of his hip pockets to prevent me from pilfering. Sigh. Always a fight with that boy.

I assured him that, if he gave me the moneys (He didn’t stop putting an “s” on “money” until he was six years old.), I would take extremely good care of them, that in fact I would do nothing but watch those moneys, guard and protect them with my life should such become necessary, until he came home. Finally convinced, he reached into his pockets and dragged out 9 sticky coins – 8 pennies and 1 dime. His treasure. (Do you see why I’m so forgetful? My brain is jammed full of useless information like the exact coins in Carter’s pockets that day.)

With tears now, “Mama, I don’t have a special place for my moneys! Can you find me a safe place?”

I don’t know any mom, anywhere, who would say no to that. I promised him that, by the time he came home, I would have resolved the money issue. Walking out of the pre-school, Abbie and I were discussing solutions to this problem. Abbie said, “Hey Mom, I have a bunch of piggie banks at my dad’s house, all different animals. Carter can have one! Do you think he would like one that’s shaped like a shoe?”

Such a sweet girl! “Yes!” I said, “I think he’d like that.”

She was grinning when she said, “Good! My money is in the shoe now, but that’s OK, he can have it. I’ll just keep my money in my beaver.”

Poor kid was terribly hurt when I doubled over with laughter and had to sit on the curb till the spasms passed.

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