People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

Naked Eyes and Angst

Trichotillomania [trik-uh-til-uh–mey-nee-uh]

tricho – hair till(ein) – to pluck or pull out mania – madness

When I have trouble writing, the cause is usually a story right behind my eyes that’s clogging up the works.

Not always; sometimes I just don’t have anything to say, but often, I’m gutless and full of . . . → Read More: Naked Eyes and Angst

Smells Like Hope

The daytime temperatures here are still stretching into the nineties. We’re weeks away from shutting down the cooler, two months (at least) from firing up the furnace.

Yet there is a hint of fall in the air. The nights are cool; some of the leaves have begun to turn.

The children have all gone . . . → Read More: Smells Like Hope

The Lead In My Bones

I am tired.


I feel like my bones are filled with lead.

Do you remember when you were in college and the end of the semester was a wild rush and you studied worked wrote studied more took exams and then, after the last class, you went home and collapsed for a month? . . . → Read More: The Lead In My Bones

A Steady Diet of Drano and Gravel

Do you know what’s making me very happy right now? Newspapers and television and magazines have backed off on the headlines that say,

American Children are Overmedicated by Selfish Parents for Their Own Convenience and American Childhood Is on a Highway to Hell and We Are All Doomed Because Parents Are Lazy and Have . . . → Read More: A Steady Diet of Drano and Gravel

Catching Up

Every Monday for eight months, Susan has come to our house for the evening. Her official title is Behavioral Management Specialist. When we agreed to this service, I was reluctant. I didn’t think she could help us.

This is the one where I think I’m so damn smart that I’m pretty much a world . . . → Read More: Catching Up

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