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Joe Dirt

Brian took Carter to get a haircut today.

In the front: bangs.

When he turns around, it is revealed: this is a mullet.

Carter loves it and won’t let me take him back to get it fixed.

Brian is grounded from taking Carter to the barber shop by himself. Otherwise, who knows? The two of them may decide to try to bring back the rat tail.

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5 comments to Joe Dirt

  • Um, wow. He looks cute and all. But? More like “in need of a cut” rather than “just got s cut.” Definitely time for you to take this job back.

    Coincidence: Ethan got a haircut, too, today (and the before & after pix will be my wordless Wednesday this week). It was getting really long and shaggy, which means curly, and the freakish thing is that because I often had short hair as a child? There have been times this month when I look at him and am astonished how much he looks JUST LIKE kid me. Really gives-me-the-willies doppelganger stuff.

    Be VERY thankful for this: it’s not a (shudder) CURLY mullet (and if you want to see THAT monstrosity, look at the 1987 pic of me in my Nov. post titled “Wordless Wednesday: Gut feelings”)

    Love to you!

  • bwhahahahahahahahahaha!!

    business in the front…party in the back!

  • Haircuts are on my it is not worth fighting list. I let every body get a haircut once a month if they chose to. But even I have my limits: For *command performances*, ie being in a wedding, going to a close family members funeral, Grandma’s 70th birthday party. In those circumstances, even my 7 year old knows what an appropriate haircut is. He looks really cute,BTW.

  • Awe….it’s not that bad. But I can see why you are going to take over hair cut duty. With my kids, the older they got the more stubborn they were with having their hair the way they wanted it. Even when it is ugly.

    Ben is only 10 and he keeps trying for the Justin Bieber look and I keep pushing for layers……

    My daughter got a section of the middle of her hair dyed blue when she was 16. Her hair is naturally dark so the stylist had to bleach the section before she could get it to accept the blue dye. So it was blue for a while and then when it started to fade it turned white and she looked like a skunk.

    heee heee

    that is all

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