People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

Under Siege

My head hurts.

Actually, I have pain from my forehead, up and around the back of my head, down into my neck, and spreading across my shoulders and down to my back.

Why? Because I don’t like my kid much these days, and that’s a shitty way to be feeling.

If I had a . . . → Read More: Under Siege

Disposable People

When I was barely pregnant with Jacob, my friend Rachel had a baby, a little girl named Gabrielle. A lovely, tiny thing with a shock of black hair I was compelled to pet whenever I held her, she was Rachel’s first baby.

Six weeks later, SIDS, that terrible night thief of babies, stole Gabrielle . . . → Read More: Disposable People

The Little Guys Go to School

For the first time ever, Carter’s hallucinations caught the attention of his teachers and fellow students. Typically, two things happen to prevent this. First, the more actively occupied he is in some specific activity, the less likely he is to hallucinate. At school, where he is busy, the little guys don’t bother him much. . . . → Read More: The Little Guys Go to School

Welcome to Chemistry One-Oh-Twilight-Banana

I’ve been wanting to write an update about Carter, but whenever such an update involves lots of discussion of medications I hesitate. Why? Because psychiatric medications for children is an extremely controversial issue and I have been attacked (verbally and online) and watched friends endure attacks. Most recently, Meg over at Raising Bipolar drew fire . . . → Read More: Welcome to Chemistry One-Oh-Twilight-Banana

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