People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

More Similar Than Different

If you aren’t steeped in the mental health blogosphere, you probably missed the story of a Waunakee, WI high school dance team’s recent prize-winning performance, “We Get Crazy.” The LaCrosse Tribune says that the routine featured “all 18 dancers bouncing to hip-hop music, their hair wild, heavy black makeup on their snarling faces, and . . . → Read More: More Similar Than Different

Watch your mouth!

I’ve been all over the internet in the past hour, reading what other people have written about psychiatric terms used as slurs, insults, or jokes, and then I read comments. Many hundreds of comments.

People have strong feelings on this matter. And by strong I mean violent. I’m stunned by the vitriol out there . . . → Read More: Watch your mouth!

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