People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

The Surprise Advantages of Homeschooling

Whether they agree or not, everybody knows the obvious advantages of homeschooling: individualized education, more room for creativity, avoidance of ideas/practices that the family finds objectionable, and the opportunity to instill one’s child/ren with one’s own values. (FTR, not all of those are among my family’s reasons for homeschooling.) And everyone knows the disadvantages, . . . → Read More: The Surprise Advantages of Homeschooling

Aha… So THIS is Homeschooling Nirvana

In the few weeks since beginning our homeschooling adventure, I’ve had more self-doubting, confused, and scared days than I’ve had confident, productive ones. Probably to be expected, given the chaotic, sudden way we got our start. We were at first mostly focused on relieving Carter’s terrible fear, anxiety, and sleep trouble. Then we had . . . → Read More: Aha… So THIS is Homeschooling Nirvana


Since we have no firm mental health diagnosis for Carter (and wouldn’t want one; the chances of it being accurate while Carter is so young are slim), we also don’t have much by way of prognosis. It’s a challenge for us to stay loose, open to what the future may bring. Perhaps we are . . . → Read More: Fear

Life is a game of telephone…

My family (both sides do this, Brian’s people as well as mine, though this week it’s Brian’s family behaving badly) is once again bent on proving that there are no problems so great that a huge, steaming side of gossip cannot make them worse. Things (words spoken (or not), things done (or not)) come . . . → Read More: Life is a game of telephone…

Homeschoolers by Surprise

We’ve suddenly become a homeschooling family, more by default than by design. Carter had a brutally difficult summer characterized by sleep trouble, med changes, acute anxiety, and crowned with getting kicked out of the daycare where I was director. Such a misery and definitely among the most painful times in my life. But more . . . → Read More: Homeschoolers by Surprise

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