People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

Happy Happy Joy Joy

When my sister and I were kids, our family went camping several times a year. We had it all – the Coleman cook stove and lantern, a big red cooler, and a brown canvas tent. My mom packed up the food box and the cooler and my dad packed all the gear into . . . → Read More: Happy Happy Joy Joy

Bad Ass Grammy

My grandma is a bad ass. She’s also quite fragile. We have this in common, my grandma and I, this mix of tough and weak, strong and broken.

She’s not a saint and I don’t idolize her, but I admire her and love her in this big, surprising way.

She’s a survivor. Born in eastern . . . → Read More: Bad Ass Grammy

The Little Guys Go to School

For the first time ever, Carter’s hallucinations caught the attention of his teachers and fellow students. Typically, two things happen to prevent this. First, the more actively occupied he is in some specific activity, the less likely he is to hallucinate. At school, where he is busy, the little guys don’t bother him much. . . . → Read More: The Little Guys Go to School

Blogger Ninja

I have been mired in a slush of mucusful unpleasantness for almost two weeks now. It started with an ordinary cold, then spiraled up into a horrifying mess of hacking, choking, spitting foulness. Oh yes, it’s been a delight.

When I finally dragged myself and all my attendant putrefaction over to the urgent care . . . → Read More: Blogger Ninja


If we knew each other’s secrets, what comforts we should find. ~John Churton Collins

I chose that quote as a tag line for my blog not because it’s pretty (It IS, but there are prettier ones.), but because it’s what I believe and the reason I write. I believe in the power of truth. . . . → Read More: Apologia

Crisis Poltergeist

I am awesome in a crisis. I mean, stellar. I act fast and think faster. Here, I’ll show you:

On a cold morning in the fall of 2006, just after Carter turned 4, I put him in the shower and washed him. When he was clean, I wrapped him in a towel and set . . . → Read More: Crisis Poltergeist

Welcome to Chemistry One-Oh-Twilight-Banana

I’ve been wanting to write an update about Carter, but whenever such an update involves lots of discussion of medications I hesitate. Why? Because psychiatric medications for children is an extremely controversial issue and I have been attacked (verbally and online) and watched friends endure attacks. Most recently, Meg over at Raising Bipolar drew fire . . . → Read More: Welcome to Chemistry One-Oh-Twilight-Banana

This Just In: Another Repetitious Redundancy Revealed

Brian pointed this one out to me and I must reveal it: an official repetitious redundancy. In the Miranda Warning (the statement of rights that is read to every person who is arrested at the time of said arrest here in the US), it says, “Anything you say can be used against you in . . . → Read More: This Just In: Another Repetitious Redundancy Revealed

A tiny taste of the silly we’ve got going on over here…

Big Bang Theory: The Next Generation

Some Important PSAs

Heads up: I’m going to tell three upsetting stories. I don’t want to surprise anyone.

I’m not an alarmist. (Which is a silly thing to say; no one things they’re an alarmist, right? We all believe ourselves to be realists.) However, there are so many hazards in daily life, and a great many simple . . . → Read More: Some Important PSAs

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