People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

I’m Holding the Conch Shell

Brian and I were watching TV news last night. Being of the ultra-liberal-commie-pinko persuasion, we typically get our news from fringe organizations like the New York Times and NPR, but for some reason, we let it play.

There was a story about yet another suicide by a teen who had been mercilessly bullied at . . . → Read More: I’m Holding the Conch Shell


Several months ago, my family moved my grandma from her apartment in a retirement community to a shelter care facility where she has 24 hour help. The move was hard on her; she’s an extremely private person and although she has her own room, there are 10 other residents in the house.

She’s also . . . → Read More: Legacy

The Kind of Rabbit Hole Only a Nerd Could Love

The trouble with taking a sabbatical from blogging (or anything, really) is this: it’s hard to get back to it.

Making it even harder for me is the fact that I have fallen down a rabbit hole, and it looks like this:

Yup, it’s a rabbit hole, the kind . . . → Read More: The Kind of Rabbit Hole Only a Nerd Could Love


My rampage of over-thorough household organization continues, and finally, the kitchen is finished. During my quest to¬†quell¬†every last whisk’s desire for anarchy and every saucepan’s tendency toward insubordination, I found this:

So me? I was all excited, like so: Ooooh, I can make something! It will be vegetables that . . . → Read More: Loot

Super Secret Phone Wizardry

I hate buying groceries.

I know. You’re probably surprised.


Alas, it eventually has to be done. By yesterday, my pantry looked like this:

That isn’t the pantry of a family that is in any danger of going hungry, but Brian told me that if I tried to feed him one . . . → Read More: Super Secret Phone Wizardry

Disposable Boy

When I met Sarah* last winter, her 14 year old son Logan had already been in therapeutic foster care (TFC) for almost 6 months. Our support group for parents of children with mood disorders has been a life-changing source of support for Brian and me, but sometimes, witnessing the chaos and pain in the . . . → Read More: Disposable Boy

Sad and Broken

Carter and I have enjoyed some time out of time – two weeks of puttering, chatting, playing, and watching an unhealthy amount of Little House on the Prairie. We stuck with LHOTP DVDs because the mid-term election campaign ads on TV leave me with the desire to run around to all the campaign headquarters . . . → Read More: Sad and Broken

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