All this, and yet…

My dogs knocked over the kitchen trash during the night last night and spread tissues and coffee grounds all over the house.


I took Carter to get blood work done this morning and the orders weren’t in the computer system, so we have to go back again tomorrow.


It took me over an hour to pair my Droid X to my new bluetooth keyboard.


I went to lunch with my grandma today and her mental status is declining precipitously.


I went to get my haircut and they were piping hip-hop music into the salon.


Carter barfed twice this evening, which he’s done most evenings lately after a long, long period during which he rarely puked at all.


Abbie didn’t return my call or my texts.


I didn’t realize until after I put the pasta into the pot that Brian used the last of the spaghetti sauce.


And yet.

Life is still better than it was in November when I was so depressed I could barely get myself off the couch.

Hell, I brushed my teeth today. I’m calling it a win.

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10 thoughts on “All this, and yet…”

  1. I hope today is less Maddening, Depressing, Infuriating, Frustrating, Annoying, Heartbreaking, Aggravating, and Discouraging. And that every day continues to be the anti-November. We have more ice and snow coming. But also? Peggy Orenstein is reading and signing her new book (Cinderella Ate My Daughter) in our neighborhood tonight, so that’ll be nice to see & hang out w/ her. I’m predicting today to be about a B+ here. Hope yours is an A.

  2. Adrienne

    WOW you win the “Finding the Silver Lining” blogger award—I present it to you.


    It is too real, because I said so. It could also be the fever I have.

    Look here——–> Pretty Fluffy White Clouds lined with Metallic Silver

    Your new award is so pretty

    That is all

  3. Ahhh….yes! Sometimes nothing feels better than removing the individual little sweater that somehow attaches itself to each tooth overnight.

  4. Honestly?

    I love this sort of day. A hideous day that I manage to get through instead instead of trying to elude its grasp by sleeping in a darkened corner.

    This sort of day, when you know of the other?

    Is awesome.

    It so is.

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