Aluminum Anniversary

Apparently, the traditional gift for the tenth wedding anniversary is something made of aluminum or tin.

Who thinks this shit up? Don’t anybody tell my husband; he’ll go get the roll of aluminum foil and make me something.

No way in the world am I an interesting enough person to make foil jewelry work for me.

Traditional gifts of a useless nature aside, ten years is a major milestone. I’m amazed that we made it. It’s been a bumpy ride.

Uphill, in the snow, with no shoes.

Seriously, it has not been a smooth and easy ten years, but I love him wildly.

Brian is my friend. Everything that happens in my life, I want to share with him. When I’m scared, it’s his hand I need to hold. When I’m happy or excited, he’s the person with whom I want to celebrate. If I’m sad, I want him to keep me company while I cry.

We laugh together. We’re silly; we joke and tease and if life is hard and we need a reason to laugh? Brian will give one of the dogs a ridiculous haircut.

We have fascinating conversations. We talk about politics, family, God, religion, books, movies, everything. Ten years in and we still lose sleep sometimes because we’re busy talking and we lose track of time.

He’s the only person in the world as fully invested in Carter’s well being as I am. While I take the lead on all things Carter, I know that Brian is in the boat with me, no matter what.

Difficult as the past ten years have been, I wouldn’t have wanted to live them with anyone else.

Happy anniversary to my absolutely most favorite person.

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22 thoughts on “Aluminum Anniversary”

  1. Aw, happy anniversary to you guys! Ten years is pretty amazing especially considering all you’ve been through. He must be a special guy. Wishing you all the happiness in the world for your next ten years of marriage and beyond.

  2. Congratulations on 10 years!

    I think, when we hit ten, I will tell EVERYONE that it’s our aluminium anniversary. Hopefully we’ll end up with a lifetime supply of foil, because no one will know what else to get for us.


    1. What a perfect idea!

      If I’d known ahead of time (instead of looking it up because I needed a way to start an anniversary blog post), I would have asked for a truckload of diet Coke.

  3. Yay for 10 years! That is an awesome accomplishment! Make yourself some aluminum foil crowns and go out and celebrate!

    Seriously though? Having your best friend with you is priceless. It is the best thing ever and I am oh so happy for you, my friend!

  4. Yay, Adrienne. Yay, Brian. Wonderful that you lose sleep because you’re so absorbed in wondering things out loud. I’m so glad to know that you get to have that.

    Ant J

    1. Thank you! Yes, it’s one of the greatest gifts I’ve been given.

      I’m looking at my keyboard and trying to figure out a way to make an ant. I loved (loved loved loved) that you always drew an ant on the cards you sent me when I was a little girl. Hmmm…nothing I’ve tried so far has worked. I’ll find something. There’s got to be a wingding ant, right?

  5. CONGRATULATIONS! What with going through baby bootcamp at the moment with my husband – which pales in comparison to your journey together – I am in awe! You guys are in it for the long run…

    Do you have any advice? How do you guys do it, what has worked, how do you manage to find time for the two of you?

    As for the gift, you should wrap yourself in tin foil and present yourself to him, bwhahahaha.

    1. Haha…excellent idea! Brian would love that. I would even consider it but…ouch!!!

      The way to do it is this: make your marriage the most important human relationship in your life. Relationships with your work, other family members (including your kids), friends, etc., all come after each other. Not to say that you will ever be everything to each other; my friends give me things that Brian cannot, but still, he’s first for me and I am first for him.

      Which seems counter-intuitive to lots of people, the whole putting the marriage before the kids thing, but really, there’s nothing better we can give them than that sense of security that comes from parents who love each other.

      However, during some times in life (and when you have a brand new baby is one of those times), you just have to hang onto your ass.

  6. Happy anniversary. Aluminum or tin? WTH? I will not be telling my hubby that when we reach our 10th in 2011…I might end up with a can of soup as a gift. 😉

  7. I agree that you have to make one another first–it is the best gift you can give your kids. As for the aluminum thing-I do wonder who thinks of these things. You could try what Nick does for our anniversary. He promises me a tree, every year, but I never get it because we have no irrigation. So some day, I will have a forest. Of course, I did give him duct tape for his birthday…

    1. You mean that tie-dye duct tape? That was awesome!

      I figure those traditional gift ideas are all from way back when, because these days aluminum is so common that it has no value at all. Maybe a lovely tin cup was a nice gift a long time ago?

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