People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

AnonyBlogger: A Brother’s Torment

This story, while tragic, is all too common. Very often, mental illness and drug addiction grow together like mutually-feeding parasites, compounding problems and confounding treatment.

It’s understandable, of course. The anguish of mental illness is indescribable and when people find a way to make pain stop, they will usually use it. If mental illness . . . → Read More: AnonyBlogger: A Brother’s Torment

AnonyBlogger: Ebb and Flow

When I receive a new AnonyBlogger post, my primary feeling is one of gratitude that people should be willing to trust me with their stories. Not just stories, but tales so painful that the world shifts a little on its axis from their telling.

This story, after I read it . . . → Read More: AnonyBlogger: Ebb and Flow

AnonyBlogger: Feeling Normal

Wait, what’s this? Two AnonyBlogger posts in a row? Isn’t that, like, cheating?

Yes. Yes, it is. But honestly, with Carter’s psychotic symptoms increasing by the day, and being without Brian last week while he worked in Japan, plus all the ordinary tasks of life, I’m pretty relieved to have something to post that . . . → Read More: AnonyBlogger: Feeling Normal

AnonyBlogger: Difficult Decisions

I am incredibly pleased to host this story, the first of many (I hope!) stories about loving (and struggling to love) a person who is living with mental illness.

Please be generous with your comments and be sure this blogger knows she’s not alone in this experience!

*       . . . → Read More: AnonyBlogger: Difficult Decisions

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