People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

A Little of This, A Little of That, and My Inauspicious Writerly Beginnings

Holy ultra-serious blogeration, Batman!

Let’s take it down a notch or nine, shall we?

Because in spite of all the intensity I have expressed here recently, life is damn good right now.

“Damn good” is, of course, subjective. My damn good is not the same as yours (well, for a few of you it’s . . . → Read More: A Little of This, A Little of That, and My Inauspicious Writerly Beginnings

Navigating the Storm

Advice? I’ve had my fill of the stuff. We parents of kids with emotional and behavioral differences are like advice repositories, the place where people dump all their fears and their conviction that anything (everything!) can be cured with a simple twist of behavior or diet.

In general? I don’t like advice.

However, there . . . → Read More: Navigating the Storm

Tears and Triumph – Mostly Tears, Though

I went to Carter’s end-of-the-school-year awards luncheon last week and it put me in a thoughtful mood. This year has been one for the record books. I expect we’ll look back on it as the period during which we lost our emotional virginity. Interestingly, while Carter is probably more obviously unwell than he was . . . → Read More: Tears and Triumph – Mostly Tears, Though

The Little Guys Go to School

For the first time ever, Carter’s hallucinations caught the attention of his teachers and fellow students. Typically, two things happen to prevent this. First, the more actively occupied he is in some specific activity, the less likely he is to hallucinate. At school, where he is busy, the little guys don’t bother him much. . . . → Read More: The Little Guys Go to School

The truth IS going to set you free.

Yes, the truth will heal us all, just as soon as its done stomping all over our spilled guts.

When I got an email message from Dodai Stewart at Jezebel asking to republish The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me, I was over the moon. Like millions of small-time writers the world over, I dream . . . → Read More: The truth IS going to set you free.

And my education continues…

You know what keeps shocking me over and over again? It’s the change in my role recently. For the first 5+ years of his life, I spent a huge amount of energy trying to get medical professionals to hear me when I told them that Carter was not OK. Now, strangely, the shoe is . . . → Read More: And my education continues…

The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me

Right before Valentine’s Day, my orthopedist decided that I should be hospitalized for tests. I’d been having crippling low-back pain for several weeks and the rest, pain medicine, and muscle relaxants he’d prescribed were not making me feel any better. I spent a week in the hospital undergoing a variety of tests to rule . . . → Read More: The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me

Finally, a post about Carter’s new school!

As you know, we pulled Carter out of his public school just three weeks into the school year. He was in crisis and we decided that I would homeschool him until we decided what to do next. We know that it was the right decision; Carter gained a great deal of stability, put on . . . → Read More: Finally, a post about Carter’s new school!

Be still my heart…

Upon coming home from the library yesterday, both Carter and I weighed down with a huge stack of books, Carter said, “Oh, man, we’re going to have to do nothing but read for days! We have so much reading to do, I feel like a rich boy!” Oh, be still my readerly/writerly/mama heart!

Carter . . . → Read More: Be still my heart…

Eclectic indeed!

Carter and I have had a fabulously educational afternoon. We learned about the various ways that ink is made, read the story of Abraham, and watched some B52s videos. Because, you know, when we say eclectic, we mean it!

I’ve always believed that learning doesn’t really get interesting until college, but I don’t know. . . . → Read More: Eclectic indeed!

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