Carter and I have all kinds of jokes about pretty (probably because it was his first word: pwee), but my favorite is this: we never say that something is pretty. We say, instead, that a thing has lots of prettiness.

And whaddya know? My blog has prettiness now! Isn’t my new header gorgeous? Lauren made that for me.This was all the information she had to go on: “I want something green, not flowery but somewhat organic,” and yet she made me a header that suits my tastes and my blog perfectly. She’s a wizard, that girl.
There are more changes coming, but I’m so thrilled with the prettiness and the new three column format, I couldn’t wait until it was all finished to put it up. 
There are only four more days until NAMI Walks. You have until Saturday to purchase coffee, tea, cocoa, or chai from The Little Bean to benefit NAMI, so order today! Click on the logo on the right side of the screen and don’t forget to put “NAMI” in the comments box.
Enjoy the new digs, and thank you for reading No Points for Style!