People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

The Comments Policy

Matters of psychiatry and mental illness tend to be controversial, and when those matters affect children, the controversy is tripled. With that in mind, I have developed this comments policy.

  • I do not moderate comments. However, I reserve the right to moderate individual posts or the whole blog should that become necessary.
  • You are welcome to post lengthy comments. In fact, I encourage you to do so. I enjoy the conversational nature of blogs. However, I do ask that you stay on-topic.
  • You are welcome to disagree, even vehemently, with anything that I write, or with anything written in the comments. Such disagreement must be expressed in a respectful manner. I will immediately delete any comments that include name-calling, personal attacks, or other below-the-belt tactics.
  • I do allow anonymous comments. Because of the sensitive subject matter of this blog, I recognize that there may be times when people wish to share without revealing their identities. However, I hold anonymous┬ácommenters┬áto a higher standard of civility than those who are willing to take a risk and use their names. In other words, do not use the privilege of anonymous posting to hide your identity while treating me or other commenters poorly.
In simplest terms? Play nice!