People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

The Family

This is a quick and dirty introduction for new readers. There’s more information about us here.

My name is Adrienne and No Points for Style is my story. You can read about me here.

My husband Brian is a technical salesperson at CVI Melles Griot. He sits at a desk where he uses a phone and a computer. I don’t really understand his job beyond that; it’s all about optics and lasers and complex math that I can’t begin to comprehend. He’s the man of my dreams, far from perfect but very, very good to me and our children. He makes art and quilts in his very limited spare time.

Jacob is my eldest child. Born in 1993, he’s the person who made me a mother and there are few gifts in my life that can match that one. He’s an interesting mix of an easy-going yet introspective nature. He’s a talented actor, a great musician, and in possession of a kind, gentle soul. He has this deep spirituality that, though yet unformed, is amazingly strong.

Abigail (Abbie) is my second child and only daughter, born in 1995. She was born knowing herself and her preferences and is ferociously intelligent. She is also an actor, an avid reader and sometimes writer, and has enough determination and stubbornness to propel herself through life with force.

Spencer is Brian’s son, born in 1997. He lives in a bubble, from inside of which he can observe the world while being somewhat untouched by it. He’s an emotional touchstone for many who know him because of his ability to stand strong in a storm. He’s a talented artist and spends hours and hours at our dining room table, drawing comics.

Carter is the “ours” in “yours, mine, and ours.” He was born in 2002 and his birth changed everything. He is the most frequent (though certainly not the only) topic here at No Points for Style. He has significant issues in all areas of development: physical, emotional, social, and cognitive. He is fiercely devoted to his family, loves animals, and has an insatiable curiosity about God and God’s creation.

*Unnecessary July birthday calendar:

  • 23rd – Spencer and my grandma
  • 24th – Carter
  • 26th – Brian
  • 31st – my dad

Honestly, it’s handy. One big party and we’re done with half the family’s birthdays for the whole year.

*Equally unnecessary discussion of hair color:

  • Jacob     – blond
  • Abbie     – brown
  • Spencer  – black
  • Carter     – red
Isn’t that nice, how we got all four hair colors? It’s a rainbow of flavors.