For want of sleep, the blog post was lost.

On just a few hours of sleep, I can barely string words together in conversation, much less make sense with written words. Carter couldn’t sleep last night; by about 3 am (not a typo), the lack of sleep triggered a migraine, so he spent another 5 hours puking and screaming through that agony. He fell asleep around 8 this morning (again, not a typo, and not even unusual for him), and cried on and off until he gave up and got up at around 11.

Sleep deprivation can start to do really weird things to me when it builds up over several nights. I’ve been so acutely dizzy all day, I had to give up on unloading the dishwasher because every time I bent over, I was afraid I would fall. Seriously, how tired does one have to be to make unloading the dishwasher an insurmountable task? Carter and I spent what remained of the day camped out on the couch, watching Little House on the Prairie and waiting for Brian to come home. Thank God he slept last night. He fed us, gave Carter some clonidine and me some melatonin and ordered us to bed. It’s 8:15 pm and Carter is finally soundly, comfortably asleep and I hope to drop off soon, too.

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For want of sleep, the blog post was lost.

One thought on “For want of sleep, the blog post was lost.

  1. I feel, quite literally, the distress that this insomnia caused you both, from both ends. I suffer from migraines as well, with lack of sleep being one of my biggest triggers. I’m just WAITING for my current 25+ hrs (no, no typo there) of straight wake-time to land me in a hella bad one- so much so that my Relpax is sitting on the coffee table next to me, at the ready. I sleep, on average, 3-4 hrs per night, and that is never in a solid stretch, but always broken. Between pain, my BiPolar, and Ry’s sleep issues, well, yeah… you know that boat. My sleep neurologist contiually asks me, in wonder, how I function at the level I do every day. I keep telling her that I think my body has just adapted, after 14 years, to sleeping this little.

    I hope you managed to get some rest after this!

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