People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

I did not disappear for the reason you probably think I disappeared and that is an awesomely and excellently fabulous thing.

I’m glad blogs don’t have feelings. Otherwise, I think No Points for Style would be feeling sad and lonely and neglected right about now.


No hole. Not a bit. I would forgive you for assuming I disappeared because I slipped and fell into the depths of depression since that’s the usual cause of my disappearing act, but no. In fact, quite the opposite.

Emerging from a months-long depression is a great deal of work, and not just emotionally and spiritually. All winter, I functioned in a mostly minimal fashion. We wore clean clothes and there was food in the kitchen, but beyond that? Let’s just say that things were a bit hit-or-miss.

Now that I am actively living my life again, there are dental appointments to make, eye exams to schedule, and insurance issues to resolve. There are closets and drawers in desperate need of decluttering, vehicle maintenance that’s been too long neglected, and dogs that need grooming.

Also, there is a little boy who is now in the final week of his three week spring break, which means the only way to get any time alone with my computer requires me to skip what little time I have with Brian.

But bottom line? No hole.

In the immortal words of Ahh-nold, I’ll be back.

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14 comments to I did not disappear for the reason you probably think I disappeared and that is an awesomely and excellently fabulous thing.

  • Excellent. Cause I didn’t want to have to go all silver-melty-Terminator on your ass.

  • That’s a pretty damn good reason to disappear. I disappeared last week too, but I was in Orlando at a business conference (translation: sitting by the pool a LOT).

    Glad you have climbed out of the dark doldrums.

  • Now, THAT is some damn good news!

    Reminds me: I’m teaching Jacob to make his Arnold action figure (arrived in the same box of used toys as his beloved Chuck Norris) say “I’ll be bahk.” Haven’t figured out what Chuck would say, yet. Wish we had Clint, too, so he could say “Make my day.”

    Doing the happy dance for you. Also (giving away your secrets now)… Happy Birthday (a few days ago)!

  • Yeah! For getting stuff done!!

    More importantly–

    Did you have a good birthday?

    that is all

  • Looking forward to your return!

  • Ooooh yes. Cat out of bag … we share a birth month?! I love March b’days!!!

    Glad you are not in a deep hole, rather catching up. I had a hideous day today whereby my four year old required cupcakes for his b’day celebration at preschool. Among MY catchup stuff in the middle of a mere 2 week spring break I made and iced cupcakes, whipped up 4 lbs of butter (don’t ask!), made pizza dough for his requested birthday dinner tonight, cooked lunch AND made a cake for said b’day dinner the following also took place: seconds before leaving house with kids for their art class/preschool, eldest and youngest, despite numerous requests to get the H E double hockey sticks outta my kitchen managed to upend the bloody tray of beautiful cupcakes … lucky the reject cupcakes were passable and I had already made a second icing for the night’s cake so I could replace the cupcakes and put an end to the horrid despair … I dropped girls off at art class, son off at preschool with rag-tag cupcakes, zipped to get a quickie CT scan (dental, no biggie) and came home to quickly clean up mess as best I could … I sampled my favourite buttermilk cake (made extra cupcakes) only to realise that I used baking SODA instead of powder (OH! ICKY!) so … turfed those … rescued cupcakes, scraped ganache off and stored to fix up for dinner … picked up kids … took them to skating … no helmuts … home … rink … double meltdowns … home … cranky hubby …

    but … really really good pizza. really really great kids (imperfect, but mine) … really really good life, all in all.

    Sorry for the ramble. Had to share that with somebody and you won that lotto … think should probably post on own blog but I’d rather “talk” to you today. Hope you are laughing … would tell you ten more weird things that happened, my mixer exploded once, icing sugar everywhere … but let’s just say it was a very Lucille day and I survived.

    So glad you feel like you are outta the hole.

  • Sorry to laugh, but it is the collective laugh of recognition.

    Yes, when I disappear, people, too, also first line think: depression.

    So sorry, I guess I”m light hearted in knowing that I know that you know, that I know.

    Glad you are eager to tackle on some home work.

  • Bakingmomma

    Good to know. You are missed and I await your return. 🙂

  • It’s amazing what a difference springtime makes. I always have a little trouble in the winter time as well.

  • just like you and alexandra? people jump to depression when I am gone too. SO glad you’re all busy and avoiding the Hole.

    Love ya momma!

  • TheNextMartha

    And I’ll be waiting

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