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I just had a very interesting conversation with Carter’s therapist that gave me new hope for more information about what it is that’s causing all of Carter’s difficulties.

To back up a little, we knew almost from birth that Carter was different. The first clue was that he cried all the time (seriously, all the time), and then as he approached his first birthday he was diagnosed with hypotonia, motor delays, and right-sided weakness. Later came diagnoses of motor dyspraxia, abdominal migraines (yes, that’s a real thing), and a long list of emotional/behavioral diagnoses. Across the 7 years of his life, Carter has had lots of tests and seen many doctors. We were on the hunt, hopeful that we could find a diagnosis, the bottom line cause of everything. I have never doubted for a minute that all of Carter’s problems (minus his asthma and allergies) have a common cause. So far, though, we’ve been unable to find that cause, and until the conversation with the therapist today, we’d given up.

Not that we gave up easily! We hunted long and hard, but our last stop was a visit with a geneticist who did a huge panel of tests, all of which came back negative. At that point, the geneticist said that Carter probably DOES have a genetic anomaly, but that it’s something science hasn’t yet identified.

But the therapist, who is studying neuropsychology, seems to think that we might be able to find out more. He encouraged me to get a new neurology workup (Carter was a year old last time he had one) and offered to present Carter’s case to some more doctors who might have new ideas. Even though I’m pretty doubtful about finding that bottom-line diagnosis, I’m eager to see what new information we can find.

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