New Digs

Heya, folks! Welcome to my new home! There’s lots more work to be done, but the basics are in place. It’s sort of like after you move and the furniture is in place, the beds have been made, and the kitchen is put together, but the garage is still full of boxes and there are no pictures on the walls. It’s not perfect (not like it every will be, but you get my meaning), but it’s functional. Hooray, and thank you Japster, Inc. for a job well done!

This will be a short post since I have several projects due in other places coming up, but I wanted to share a Carter update with you.

I’m afraid to even say it because it can all change so fast, but for today it’s 100% true: Carter is the most stable he’s been in many, many months. He’s in the habit lately of stomping off to his room when he’s angry, and when he gets there he doesn’t destroy anything. He hasn’t called me a nasty name, tried to hurt one of the dogs, or broken anything on purpose in weeks. He’s sleeping and eating well and is sometimes able to play a little. Amazing!

As far as we can tell, he’s had no hallucinations in about ten days and no more than a few mild delusions. His anxiety is the only significant issue right now, and even that is nowhere near as acute as it’s been in the past. ┬áObviously we still have work to do, but for the first time in a long, long time we feel like we’re moving in the right direction.

Finally, a damn near perfect Carterism: my folks were here last week to help Erin and I find a new place for Grammy to live and they took Carter swimming at their hotel. In the elevator on the way to the pool, he said, “I’m shooting out flames of happiness!”

Happy happy joy joy again! I could get used to this.

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New Digs

27 thoughts on “New Digs

  1. Love the new site!! What is Japster, Inc?

    I am so thrilled for Carter and your family! I hope things continue to stay well for him. I loved, loved, loved the Carterism!!!

    1. Thanks! Eeek…this is what I’ve been waiting for, to be able to reply to comments this way! Japster, Inc. helped me move from Blogger to WordPress. @japster24 on Twitter.

      1. Thanks! I really want to switch to wordpress but don’t know where to start and don’t want to lose anything (I have heard this has happened to other bloggers I follow). Frilly Coconut is going to help me with my new design so I figured I better get my act together and get things figured out so I can move when it is ready.

  2. So incredibly happy for you! For the blog, for the move, but most especially?

    For the boy with the shooting flames of happiness!

    Although if this phrase were used at my house? It would be a lovely remembrance of the time Daddy showed the girls how he could light his farts on fire.

    He is awesome.

    And so are you!

    1. Hooray! Thanks! Yes, a new blog is lovely, but a happy boy? That’s the whole world right there.

      Oye, thank goodness no one has shown Carter THAT particular trick yet. I have seen the older boys outside, though, lighting farts and laughing their fool arses off.

  3. Hello Fancy Schmancy. Love it. Flames of happiness. Genius. Gonna keep that one around. So happy for you.

    1. Oh, I know! It’s amazing. He’s a poet underneath it all. When he was only 3, he was mad that I was making him go to bed when it was only “blue dark.” He thought we should let him stay up until it was “black dark.” Isn’t that a perfect description of the difference between twilight and nighttime?

  4. Carter is a wise boy.
    We should all strive for nothing less than living a life just “shooting out flames of happiness.”

    Love the new look and the font is amazing!

    Yay, You!

    1. Thank you! And I agree; Carter is very wise. He feels all his feelings in such a BIG way, and sometimes? The words he uses to express those feelings are stunning.

  5. Wanted to stop in and let you know that I passed a blog award on to you today! Not sure how you feel about them, but I like to give credit where I think it is due! Pass it on if you so choose, or just check it out when you get a sec..

  6. Oh, for crying out loud! I totally just commented on your new digs on PrettyAllTrue’s site. *HeadSmack* Tonight, I lose at the internet and I have publicly declared my idiocy.

    No matter WHERE I go tonight, I really like to new design.

    Also? I TOTALLY know the difference between you and PrettyAllTrue. I just need to not try and catch up on 15 blogs at once.

  7. Love the new digs and glad to hear about the wave of happy happy joy joy! I’m moving soon too. Been working on it for 2 months so I should probably get off my rear and get going. Looking forward to the awesomeness that is you posted for the world to see!

  8. What?! I’ve been waiting for you to post again but my blog list wasn’t updating your site so I didn’t know you’ve been posting all this time. I’ll have to update your site on my blogroll. Man! I’ve missed so much. I really enjoy your writing. Now I have to catch up. I like the new site by the way. Very organized.

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