People who equate truth with fact are missing the point.

I’m Holding the Conch Shell

Brian and I were watching TV news last night. Being of the ultra-liberal-commie-pinko persuasion, we typically get our news from fringe organizations like the New York Times and NPR, but for some reason, we let it play.

There was a story about yet another suicide by a teen who had been mercilessly bullied at . . . → Read More: I’m Holding the Conch Shell

Sad and Broken

Carter and I have enjoyed some time out of time – two weeks of puttering, chatting, playing, and watching an unhealthy amount of Little House on the Prairie. We stuck with LHOTP DVDs because the mid-term election campaign ads on TV leave me with the desire to run around to all the campaign headquarters . . . → Read More: Sad and Broken

The truth IS going to set you free.

Yes, the truth will heal us all, just as soon as its done stomping all over our spilled guts.

When I got an email message from Dodai Stewart at Jezebel asking to republish The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me, I was over the moon. Like millions of small-time writers the world over, I dream . . . → Read More: The truth IS going to set you free.

The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me

Right before Valentine’s Day, my orthopedist decided that I should be hospitalized for tests. I’d been having crippling low-back pain for several weeks and the rest, pain medicine, and muscle relaxants he’d prescribed were not making me feel any better. I spent a week in the hospital undergoing a variety of tests to rule . . . → Read More: The Lessons My Bullies Taught Me

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