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This blog is my story – the world, my life, and my family as I see and understand them. Everything you read here is the truth – my truth. I make no promises as to the factual accuracy of any of these stories. If that seems like a weird thing to say, you might want to read this post, in which I pontificate on truth and fact and how they’re not necessarily the same thing.

Your truth? I want to hear about that, too! Share your stories in the comments, send me an email, find me on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or send me some smoke signals because the best part about this blogging thing is not just the telling, but also the hearing.

I created No Points for Style so that I would have a place to write and share my experiences raising a child who has a serious mental illness. You can “meet” Carter and get an overview of our journey so far by reading these posts:

Over time, No Points for Style has become a place for me to write about much more than mothering Carter. It’s a memoir-in-progress where I share life as it is happening now, and also life as it used to be, exploring my experience as a bully victim, my first marriage, and my aunt’s violent suicide when I was 8 years old, among many other things. Occasionally, I stretch out a bit and share older stories from my family’s fascinating history, like this story from my grandma’s childhood in Kansas during the Dust Bowl. And sometimes (far more often than I’d like to admit), I get busy giving advice or pontificating about things, usually parenting or mental illness in the news, but even I can’t predict what’s going to get me going on a given day.

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